Wednesday, November 29, 2017

4 Resets and 5 2Bs Ago...

Sometimes to get that precise look you are looking from your piece you gotta go nuts. Sometimes trying the same thing over and over expecting different result... works I suppose?

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Evolution of another piece.

Sooooooooo I've been streaming on buncha places if you haven't been keeping up with me. And as one of my starter pieces for my streaming career I've chosen something very meme-able.

But it ain't without a history of sort. This shit goes wayyyy back.

The year is 2009 When I was still fresh at Deviantart gradually building a following. I liked doing fanarts although I was never a huuuge fan of any game franchises. It was the different situations you could put those characters in I found it so interesting to do. I think this may have been one of my earliest fanart streaks I began doing that somewhat saw internet success.

To carry over that momentum I quickly decided to do another one with Daisy, but with much worse reception and just overall lack of inspiration to have a serious artistic merit.

I mean, it was alright I guess. But it wasn't the huge hit the first one was. It kinda kept this piece in the back of my mind in the coming years.

And in 2012, I decided for a refresher of the aforementioned piece, which was also well received. I felt the time was coming for another attempt at the Daisy.

And then I had the piece up to this point before I got jaded. I was going through some health issues and then compounded by real life stuff that kinda took drawing time off me. I went on a hiatus for next few years.

And in recent months I slowly gained my health back and gave it another go at the characters, but this time with potentially ALL of the Nintendo princesses or what could be considered as one. But the work environment that carried me over so many years - Photoshop was slowly growing apart from me. I no longer found joy working on a desktop with Intuos as new technologies like iPad began to take place.

So then with the purchase of iPad I imported the piece over to be worked on it. As the sketch was beginning to take shape I went through several revisions which once finished ended with the art at the top.

And the great benefit about using Procreate is that it keeps everything you've done on a canvas as a neat little video file, which lets me quickly create a Timelapse video without investing too much effort compiling for one. Pardon the shitty (self made) music, you'll have to live with that for a while.

So here it is. Another piece done. While you are here, visit one of my many, newly created websites to keep up to date with me.

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

sometimes your art can take an unexpected turn...

Well, it was going to be a simple paint redo for an old piece from 2010 which was scrapped for being a dead-end piece and all...

But as I painted over it it just kind of took a weird turn.

And it just kept getting weird until the end.

Well, just watch the timelapse vid to see the process in action.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

procreate stuff

Mostly WIP's as I've been jumping back and forth multiple drawings. I think I'm getting the hang of coloring on procreate as well.

Working primarily on iPad Pro in recent weeks have made me realize how I missed the 1 to 1 drawing experience. Wacom tablet on PC feels just abysmal after switching. Quite strange that I initially didn't completely enjoy the iPad experience when I first bought it this January. It could be the iOS update or Procreate update since I distinctly remember feeling drawing on the iPad clunky and unpleasant. No matter, it's now superb and I can't stand drawing on a regular tablet.

Also it's given me quite a bit of boost on my ability to plan and sketch. I've always felt that I had good eyes for catching what works and what doesn't. But that ability couldn't always be used at full capacity on PC and Photoshop due to how its UI functions. Zooming in and out on PC felt more like teleporting in and out to different zoom levels which lead to disconnection in the mental image of the piece. With iPad zooming is seamless and smooth, helping my brain retaining the image consistently, which ultimately helps seeing what's right or wrong with the art I'm doing.

Anyways, enough of sucking Job's digestive tracts. iPad Pro and Apple Pencil is good and I fully recommend it. I am definitely switching to iPad for all my future works full time and I'm gonna use my PC for primary functions iOS can't really do.

Aaaand naturally since procreate records all drawings done on it automatically, stuff you see will go on youtube once they are finished.

This one I just got a craving to draw it one night and started working on it. It's one of those 'artist girl in a room' piece.

Continuation from that nintendo girl piece. I like the direction so far. I will eventually color and finish it.

This one's redraw of that riot police girl. Some of the major problems of the previous version was that the perspective was fucked and I had trouble with the character anatomy. The recent anatomy study I did seem to have greatly helped my overall art quality. I was able to push perspective here for more dynamic pose. Gonna finish this one too.

And few random sketches and paints below.

That is all.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

timelapse 27

My first extensive piece done on Procreate + iPad Pro 1. The device is such a pleasure to use and draw on. I don't think I had this fun drawing something in a long while since I last kept a sketchbook.

I've long shied away from using a drawing tablet with built-in screen since my experience with Wacom cintiq 22hd back in 2008 or so. The thing was a pretty shitty product overall and that soured my experience with it. Fast forward nearly 10 years I think the tech has finally caught up it became much more reasonable now.

I actually bought my iPad Pro few months back. It just took me a while to really settle down from all that family stuff going on and get to sit down and chill. Now that I think of it I could have waited and got myself an iPad Pro 2 with truemotion or whatever they call that 120hz but... oh well. iPad Pro 1 is still pretty marvelous. Not to mention the software itself, Procreate, which is great to use as well.

However some of my gripes is that:

- iPad does get pretty warm after an extensive use, making your hand sweaty.

- You have to wipe the screen once a while or you'll see smudges.

- Procreate can be buggy sometimes. (notice the frame skip in my latest video)

- Apple Pencil pressure sensitivity can be rather inconsistent (especially under Procreate).

Other than those issues the product is superb and I've been having a blast (As you can see from my wonderous *cough* music creations and whatnot). The drawing process is so much more personal and streamlined I prefer it to drawing on my windows computer with Wacom tablet.

Although it does get pretty clunky when it comes to coloring and painting... Unless there's much quicker, and easier color picking method I don't see myself using Procreate to paint. Well, not easily that is.

Also my favorite aspect of using Procreate is the automated recording. I've long found myself drawing quite badly when there's a pressure of recording on PC. It's the fact that once I start recording I gotta all ready up and never make a mistake. With Procreate I can just surf around, chill and draw and the software will automatically keep a recording of all the strokes I made, minus the downtime in between. It's pretty neat and You're seeing the function demonstrated in my latest timelapse video.

And the manual recordings using shadowplay + avermedia can bloat in file size after a while. 12 minute 4k video made from using Procreate came down to about 300 megs before editing on Resolve. The final version you see on Youtube was about 1 gig. Remember that cop girl that I still haven't finished? That was about 300 gigs before I compressed them down to 50 gigs. Yeesh.

Anyways I might try to color on Procreate and see how that goes. Either ways drawing on PC and wacom tablet no longer brings me joy. I'm going to see how far I can take my iPad in terms of professional works.

Timelapse vid below.